Tony Vaccaro Centennial Exhibit

Pop Up Exhibit Celebrates Tony Vaccaro's 100th Birthday

2022-12-13 - 2022-12-18


New York December 13-18, 2022   -   Santa Fe November 25 - January 15, 2023

Monroe Gallery of Photography is honored to announce a major Pop-Up exhibition celebrating Tony Vaccaro’s 100th birthday. “Tony Vaccaro: The Centennial Exhibition” presented by Monroe Gallery will be on view at 21 Spring Street in New York, December 13 – 18. “Tony Vaccaro: The Centennial Exhibit” will also be on view at the Monroe Gallery in Santa Fe, NM, November 25 – January 15, 2023.

Vaccaro is known for his photographs of WWII, which were the subject of a 2016 HBO documentary, and his editorial work for Life, Look, Newsweek, Vanity Fair and countless other publications. Tony Vaccaro: The Centennial Exhibition, juxtaposes the living legend’s powerful war images with the lyrical mid-century fashion, film, and pop culture photographs that came later. 
On view will be more than two dozen photographs dating from 1944-1979. From the battlefields of Europe to the rooftops of Manhattan, Vaccaro trained his inimitable lens with a sensitivity derived from early hardship as an orphan in Italy. After the war, he replaced the searing images of horror embedded in his memory, by focusing on the splendor of life and capturing the beauty of fashion and those who gave of themselves: artists, writers, movie stars, and cultural figures. From a photograph of a running soldier in 1944’s Battle of the Bulge to a shot of the actress Gwen Verdon swinging in a hammock against a New York skyline, the exhibition illustrates Vaccaro’s will to live against all odds and to advance the power of beauty

Pop Up Gallery Hours 10 - 5 

more information including special evening events:  505.992.0800

Face masks are recommended as per the Dec. 9 NYC Health Advisory

NY Post: Photographer, 99, captures ‘beauty of life’ — from WWII to haute couture