March 30, 2019 | Source: Monroe Gallery of Photography

Monroe Gallery at the AIPAD Photography Show 2019

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Ryan Vizzions: A church flooded by Hurricane Florence stands silently in its reflection in Burgaw, North Carolina, 2018

Santa Fe— Monroe Gallery of Photography will be exhibiting 20th and 21st Century photojournalists and documentary photographers in Booth #706 during the 2019 AIPAD Photography Show. 

Highlights include Ryan Vizzionsdramatic photographs from the Dakota Access Pipeline protests at Standing Rock in 2016-7; Vizzions will be signing copies of his new book documenting the protest movement “No Spiritual Surrender: A Dedication to Standing Rock” in the Monroe Gallery of Photography booth on Friday, April 5, 5-7 pm alongside his photographs.

Vizzions photographs of the aftereffects of Hurricane Florence in North Carolina will be also on view together with Stephen Wilkes’ large-format color photographs documenting Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina. These hauntingly beautiful photographs draw the viewer into the larger story of climate change. 

Several photographs of the American civil rights era are coupled with contemporary images from the Black Lives Matter movement, Neo-Nazi protests, and President Donald Trump.

Completing the AIPAD exhibit will be a range of work by Tony Vaccaro, now 96 years old. We are especially excited to have Tony Vaccaro present in our booth for most days of the Show. After photographing WWII as a soldier Vaccaro went on to become one the most sought after photographers of his day and is enjoying a career renaissance.

The term “fake news’ is now commonplace; documentary evidence has been denied or disputed by those in power, and coupled with the US administration's attacks on the press, the work of photojournalists is a reminder that photojournalism is a vital and necessary component of a free society. For further information, please call: 505.992.0800; E-mail:

For more information including directions to the show, click here.

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