" “Devour the Land” is one of the most depressing exhibitions I’ve seen. But my first thought coming out of it was: I want to see more shows like this"

October 26, 2021 | Source: Monroe Gallery of Photography

 Via The Washington Post

October 26, 2020

The show is called “Devour the Land: War and American Landscape Photography since 1970.” It’s at Harvard Art Museums, it was put together by curator Makeda Best, and it’s about how photographers have fought to expose the hidden effects of the U.S. military and its associated industries on America’s environment and the health of its population. More broadly, it’s about inequality and justice.

Should museums mount exhibitions with a moral agenda? Absolutely. If they do it well....I’ve just seen a major exhibition that I think delivers on exactly the kind of thing they had in mind.

And, guess what? It’s brilliant. "

Gallery photographers Nina Berman and Ashley Gilbertson are included in this exhibition.

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