New Exhibition: The Movies - and Flying With Michelle Yeoh

January 24, 2024 | Source: Monroe Gallery of Photography


The opening image in the new exhibition "The Movies" is Joe McNally's stunning photograph of actress Michelle Yeoh suspended from a helicopter over the iconic Hollywood sign.



actress Michelle Yeoh suspended from a helicopter over the famous Hollywood sign, California, 1998




On a 2002 Jimmy Kimmel interview session, Michelle spoke about "flying" with Joe McNally as a stunt over the Hollywood sign, for a story in the National Geographic.





Joe McNally wrote about the making of this photograph on his blog, here.
"Jimmy Kimmel dryly observed that I should have been arrested for doing this to her. She recalls being very cold. I recall her being absolutely magnificent, hanging off those wires, just across from me, as I hung from the other skid."
Photographer Joe McNally and actress Michelle Yeoh suspended from a helcopter over the Hollywood sign in Californaia, 1998
The Movies is on exhibit through April 14, 2024. Join us for a public reception open house on Saturday, February 17, 4-6 pm.



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