March 10, 2009 | Source: Monroe Gallery of Photography

The Pulitzer winning Eddie Adams photograph
© Photo by Bill Eppridge

There was a huge turnout for the official publication and book signing of photographer Eddie Adams' book, Eddie Adams: Vietnam — authored by his wife, Alyssa Adamas — at Umbrage Editions in New York. Among the constellation of renowned journalists were Bill Eppridge, John Filo, brothers Pete and Brian Hamill, and Nick Ut. Here are some photographs from a very memorable evening

Photographer (l-r) Jay Maisel, Nick Ut, and John Filo with Alyssa Adams (seated)
© Photo by Bill Eppridge

Pete Hamill speaking with guests
© Photo by Bill Eppridge

Sid Monroe and Bill Eppridge
© Photo by John Filo

Sid Monroe with Alyssa Adams
© Photo by Bill Eppridge

The book is now available from all major booksellers, and at Monroe Gallery of Photography. Our congratulations go out to Alyssa Adams.