Remembering Tony Vaccaro on the anniversary of his 100th birthday and subsequent passing

December 4, 2023 | Source: Monroe Gallery of Photography


Galleriests Michelle and Sid Monroe pose with Tony Vaccaro in front of his photograph of Sophia Loren at a Pop Up exhibition in New York, 2016
Tony Vaccaro with Michelle and Sid Monroe at his Pop Up exhibition in New York, 2016
Beginning in 2016, Monroe Gallery of Photography presented annual exhibitions of photographs by Tony Vaccaro to honor his birthday, December 20. He travelled to Santa Fe to attend 3 exhibits and meet hundreds of collectors and enthusiastic admirers.
To celebrate his 100th birthday in December, 2022, Monroe Gallery of Photography hosted two exhibitions, in New York City and Santa Fe. Despite recently having been hospitalized for emergency surgery for complications from an ulcer, Tony recovered and attended the pop-up Tony Vaccaro Centennial Exhibition of his photographs in New York City. The City of New York officially proclaimed December 20, 2022 “Tony Vaccaro Day”, and Vaccaro was feted by friends at a surprise birthday party at his favorite local Italian restaurant that evening.
Tony at his Centennial Pop Up exhibition in New York, December, 2022





Tony Vaccaro passed away peacefully on December 28, eight days after celebrating his 100th birthday. 


 Throughout the month of December, we will be posting tributes and memories of Tony Vaccaro on our Instagram feed. The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation's Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona is currently featuring the exhibition American Icons: Wright and O'Keeffe, photographs by Tony Vaccaro; and his work is on display at Monroe Gallery in Santa Fe.


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