TASCHEN: Stephen Wilkes: A Day in The Life

May 2, 2016 | Source: Monroe Gallery of Photography

Serengeti, Tanzania, Day to Night, 2015
Stephen Wilkes: Serengeti, Day To Night, 2015

Coming from Taschen:

"Photographer Stephen Wilkes set out to rethink these iconic landmarks. Vast and extraordinarily detailed, his images capture not just the location, but rather a day in the life of that location. Wilkes' process is intensive, waking before dawn and shooting up to 2,000 frames from a stationary vantage point, which are then painstakingly edited together to form a seamless collage. For every site, he also has to capture the same space without anyone in it. That empty image becomes, in Wilkes' words, the "the naked plate" on which he overlays the details from all the other images."

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