The 90th Annual Burning of Zozobra, Friday, Aug. 29, 2014

August 27, 2014 | Source: Monroe Gallery of Photography

Zozobra (Old Man Gloom) is a giant marionette effigy that is built and burned every by the Kiwanis Club of Santa Fe to kick off Fiestas de Santa Fe in Santa Fe, New Mexico. As his name suggests, he embodies gloom; by burning him, people destroy the worries and troubles of the previous year in the flames. Anyone with an excess of gloom is encouraged to write down the nature of his or her gloom on a slip of paper and it will be stuffed into Zozobra and burned.

More information here. A link to the Internet live stream will be posteed here.

(The Gallery will close at 2 PM on Friday, August 29 and resume regular hours Saturday and Sunday, 10 - 5.)

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